Thursday, July 28, 2011

How Has Your Insight Changed?

Well hiya. So, tomorrow I am 40. Seriously. Shocking, I know. Aside from probably needing bifocals (going to put that off) and being cranky at the loud neighborhood kids, I don't really notice it. But New Years and birthdays are our family's big holidays, so it's time for the semi-annual big question.

But I would rather hear about you. How are you different? Looking back at either the beginning of your career or your education, what changed? What do you se or understand differently? What's a standout piece of wisdom you would want to share with a younger version of you?

For me, it's a sense of humility (as much as I'm able). 20 years ago, I pretty much thought I knew what was going on. Then I would learn something new and be just *amazed* at how clueless I'd been before. Now, having repeated that experience hundreds of times, I realize that I still don't know much of anything. I can only do my best, whatever that means at the time. Stuff I thought was awesome was eventually shown to be thin and shoddy. Stuff I thought was garbage was eventually shown to be deeper than I realized.

I can only assume even this wisdom will eventually be eclipsed by something wiser.

Write a comment and share your wisdom, please!

So, in the spirit of young v old, here's a music video of me and my eldest daughter busting out the ukulele and accordion.  ;-)

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  1. Happy B-Diva day...hhmm turning 40 was for me vivid and important time for CHANGE. I changed my mind, first name, career path (committed to being an artist...eeekks), relationship with significant other, and outlook on life. The theme became, 'if I am not having any fun, CHANGE' and 'Get even get happy!'...p.s. totally enjoy your voice and playful nature...keep that!
    Minaz Jantz

  2. Happy Belated Birthday Lisa!

    As I've grown older I better understand the concept of seasons. There is a season to labor intensively and sacrifice and as well as seasons of recovery and having fun. It's been helpful to identify and own what season I may be passing through.

    Letting creativity escape out of my studio and into the more mundane corners of my life keeps life interesting.

    The other thing I've learned is to trust God at a deeper level.

    love your creative spirit,