Thursday, June 16, 2011

Linocut / Block printing (part 2)

Materials update: I tried the brown Speedball linoleum next, and was not a huge fan. It's sort of crumbly/dusty underneath and tends to fall apart in the small detail areas. Probably it's better used for large areas and bold patterns/simple designs). I think the next project will be on the grey stuff, which is more rubbery and rigid, thus getting better detail than the Speed Carve and not falling apart like the brown linoleum.

So I made a new sketchbook, with a lino cover. Nifty! One of the alluring things about printmaking is the ability to make STUFF. Ephemera. Doodads. Art on everything.  As a side note, kraft paper sketchbooks are hard to find. So when I found them I bought 35. :-) I have extras. Come by the studio sometime if you would like one.

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