Thursday, March 31, 2011

Work in progress - Thayer's Angel Old Master Copy Step 2

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After taking a really close look at some very good photos, I think I have a good plan for this. Thayer's working method was very interesting. He often spent years working on a painting (not gonna do that) and mixed dirt into the paint (not gonna do that either). But the main goal was to let everything support the face.  The expression on the face was so important everything else was suppressed.

This is the first opaque layer. You can see that in the bodice I'm building up a rough, thick layer of paint for the light areas. But overall, his modeling has a sense of brevity to it. Only what is necessary is done. Overmodeling those wings, for instance, would detract from her face. So they are gorgeous, solid things, but only as much as they have to be.

Normally I would start with a series of transparent layers. Thayer appears to paint opaquely, with transparent glazes used to add accents in the final stages. Whew - that takes some doing for me, but I think it's good for my soul to give it a try. Alse he's got some very sharp edges in places where I wouldn't, even reinforcing those edges at the end. Well, heck, I'll try that too.

Am having a blast. Will continue next week. Thayer also went pitifully nutty. This I will attempt to avoid.

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  1. Wonderful exercise, and I can't wait to hear more of your experience of it, and see your results. I have a print of this piece in my home, and I never tire of that face. It's an incredible painting.

  2. Looking great, Lisa!
    This is one of my favorite paintings - really cool to see and hear your progress.

  3. Are you making plans to sleep outdoors all year long?