Saturday, March 19, 2011

Demo - How to Resin a Drawing or Painting

Resin is a luscious, addictive addition to my toolset.  It produces a deliciously thick and shiny finish.  It's very versatile - you can cast it in molds or pour it onto any rigid, sealed surface.  It dries overnight with a super-hard , smooth, high-gloss finish.

In my experiments with it over the last few months, I've cast it, made dimensional collage, and poured it over drawings and paintings (including my painted pendants).  You can see some of the work at

Here's a video demonstration of pouring resin over a mixed media drawing.  :-)

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  1. Nice vid - will the finished work now be water/weather proof? I'm thinking about using this technique for an outdoor piece.

  2. Looks really yummy. Just wondering where you buy the resin and what brands you recommend. Thanks for the video.

  3. Use this technique quite often. It does water proof the piece. You might want to mention that "cleaning" and polishing the piece only requires a soft cloth and Pledge furniture polish. Often folks will attempt to clean the piece with a glass cleaner. Over time that will actually dull the finish.

  4. I really enjoyed this resin demo but am curious about its long term clarity. I have heard that it is sensitive to UV and may yellow over time. Is there UV protection you recommend?