Thursday, March 5, 2009

TIP: Smartflix

DVD's are so expensive.... rent them. SmartFlix has thousands of DVDs that rent for pretty reasonable prices, kinda like Netflix except the fees vary depending on the DVD. Also their supply isn't limitles like Netflix - you'll occasionally find yourself on a waiting list.

What's in there? Actual people you have heard of, that's who. Robert Johnson's Floral Still Life, Richard Schmid Painting the Landscape, Kevin Macpherson Paints A Landscape, Figure Painting With Sherrie McGraw. Also each video has comments from other viewers to help you decide. And they have a guarantee.


But seriously, if you are on a waiting list, why not rent a vid on Marine Diesel Engine Maintenance?

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1 comment:

  1. Hi - thanks for mentioning SmartFlix!

    If you want to be assured of never having to wait for a DVD (and you want a discount on your rentals), be sure to check out our
    Oil Painting University, Pastel University, and Watercolor University.