Saturday, March 7, 2009

BONHEUR'S LAW: In a battle between a bull and an easel, the bull will almost always win.

This story comes from Jeffrey Freedner....thanks, Jeff!

The funniest sods law story I have ever heard was from a friend of mine who was out landscape painting one fine afternoon in Vermont.

He was painting in a far end of a cow pasture when he suddenly noticed that there was a bull coming towards him at a pretty good clip.

In fact it was charging him.

He had to run and take refuge up a tree as the bull was faster than him and pretty serious about my friends infringement on his heard of cows. Needless to say, the bull quickly tired of head butting the tree trunk in an effort of dislodging the artist. Frustrated by these turn of events the bull then turned his sights on the tree-bound painter's easel. Of course the results of this encounter were not favorable for the easel which even though it had three legs it was not fast enough to escape the bull.

After the bull finished off the easel he stood around for awhile as by now the cows had come over to see what all the fuss was. The bull, no doubt happy with his conquest of the day trotted off with a few of his heard for his reward. The painter, now safe in his tree top fort waited until the bull was out of site to come down. While he was waiting he was had to have the added humility of watching the cows lick his painting clean as well as his palette.

The result was the cows now had, blue, phthalo green and cad yellow snouts. After about twenty minutes or so he thought it safe enough to get down out of the tree. He quickly gathered all evidence of his trespass and made for the nearest bar to calm his nerves as well as to curse the bovine art critics.

--J. Freedner

So - that must be how they make this?

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