Sunday, February 1, 2009

TIP: How to Make a Video

Making a video of your work is pretty easy, but does take almost as long as making the painting. Here are some tips and notes. If you make one, send Cindy or me an email so we can see it!
  • Check your regular camera - you may already have what you need. I have a regular consumer grade camera, a Sony Cybershot, that has video on it.
  • A tripod is a necessity. Set it up behind you and off to the side a little bit so your melon won't be in frame all the time.
  • Set the focal distance on your camera. Autofocus is nauseating. (See my first video LOL)
  • You'll need a lot of light. Digital cameras work best under lots of light - less light and the picture is all grainy. Play with the ISO setting to get the least grain with your lighting. The ott-light I was using put out the light you see in my vids, but I'm getting rid of that light, so I don't know what to tell you.
  • The vids are uploaded into the PC, then imported into Movie Maker. This software came installed with my PC. A gig or more of memory is a great idea, and you'll need a lot of space on your hard drive because each 45 minutes will be about a gig.
  • Movie Maker can make titles, edit out sections, suppress sound (or add sound), add transitions, and add effects. My vids are at 32x or 64x regular speed. If you have ever used Flash or any other timeline-based software, Movie Maker will be easy peasy. If you haven't the tutorial should get you started.
  • Uploading to Youtube takes forever. You'll think it's stalling out, but it's not.
  • Youtube has the music in a program called Audio Swap. Music people are crazy bout the copyrights, so I use YouTube's music until I can figure out something better.
  • Youtube will degrade the quality of your video like crazy. doesn't degrade the quality as much, but there's no music, and no traffic.

I think that's all you need to know, but post a comment if there's something else you're curious about and I'll try to answer.

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1 comment:

  1. Thanks for the video tips, Lisa. I bought a flip video camera and am having fits with the software... and it was supposed to be SO EASY.
    Easy if you're a techno geek.