Friday, February 13, 2009

TIP: Gridding in Photo Software


If you use a grid to transfer photo references to your canvas or panel, here is an easy way to get a proportional crop to your intended painting size, and then lay any size grid on it in about 2 minutes. Save paper, save toner, and save photo resolution.

Screenshots and explanations based on Corel Paintshop Pro, including transation into Adobe Photoshop.

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  1. This is a great idea, with the only problem being that Photoshop will not print the grid. I don't have a notebook computer and sometimes do larger pieces, so I would like to print a photo out with the gridlines on it. It's frustrating to me that Photoshop doesn't offer this simple feature :-(

  2. That's true, Carol - and I find that to be a major oversight on Adobe's part.
    However there are a couple workarounds -
    1) If you don't need a high res gridded printout - just take a screenshot of your document, and print that out.
    2) Use your grid as a guideline, and using the line tool, draw your own grid. (I'd put that on a separate layer, so that you keep your original photo unmarred.)

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