Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Today I'm broadcasting the day's painting LIVE, as it happens, across the web.

Tune in, 9am CST to to watch some chickens get painted. Or a still life. I don't know for sure yet. Probably chickens.

Nope, a still life. Possibly a pomegranate. Or grapes.

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  1. Lisa I tip my 'beret' (wouldn't catch me dead wearing one of those, but it's symbolic...) to you for the live session today!!! That had to be extremely hard to do for all the reasons that you mentioned at the end... including the comments by the jerk, which I didn't hear because of tuning in late. Some people.
    You did a fantastic job of painting and explaining what you did along the way. If you do more you by rights should charge to watch if that's an option??? This is information that you've earned the right to have it paid for if sharing to this degree. No one gives 'free' workshops, I don't think, it's come too hard to be free. Just my friendly opinion! ;-)
    The painting looked great by the way. I'm standing here working in the studio too. It was like being in a group painting session. Felt good to be with kindred spirits. Thanks again.

  2. Hey Marc!
    Thanks for tuning in! It was a lot of fun, if a little stressful. I have a few things to work out before the next one, and I will shoot out a note when I can do another. Maybe next week!
    That's an intriguing idea, to charge for the demo.... I wonder how that could work? I think it might be possible to do a workshop through webinars, where we would all paint the same thing. Or maybe a demo with more info. A few people asked about painting the figure... Hm! That's a good idea! Maybe use a private service with more bandwidth?
    Thanks again! I'm looking forward to the next one. :-D