Wednesday, January 28, 2009

TIP: Still Life Freshness

Has your still life ever wilted on you, turning brown and limp before your very eyes? Here are some clever tips from Jeffrey Freedner:

"What I do is I put them in the fridge at night or right after I finished for the day. This made them last longer and it kept them from turning brown. I do this with all the small still lives as the set ups are easy to put back. I have thought of trying lemon juice, but I think I will use a small spray bottle.*

"Heres another tip: if you use a bowl you can put crushed ice in the bowl, and cover it with cling film. Or better yet just put it in a zip lock bag. The ice will keep things fresh longer. Also you can put bagged ice under bunched up cloth. If the room is very hot this will melt pretty fast but if you bag it this won't matter."

*Lisa's note: You'll still need a spray bottle for things like green onions, leeks, peeled oranges or pomegranates, and cut onions, etc. If you rub a cut apple, pear or banana with a lemon slice, or soak the slices in lemon water for a few minutes, it's supposed to keep them from turning brown too.

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