Saturday, January 31, 2009

TIP - Saving Paint

Here's an easy way to save paint - by using paper palettes.

At the end of a day's painting, cover the palette with plastic wrap. I store mine in the garage, instead of the freezer. I think it's actually colder in the garage right now.

The next day (or next painting day, that is...) just uncover the palette, tear off the top sheet, and slide it down just a bit. Begin transferring the paint nuts to a fresh sheet of palette paper. (Don't forget to wipe the palette knife between colors.

Any paints that are too depleted or too dried out (umbers don't last very long) don't get transferred.

Replace or top off any paints that you need to, and get to work. See where this is going? If you keep using up and replacing your paints, you never waste anything. And, in this economy, who can afford to waste a paint nut, I ask you?

I'll do this also with any pre-mixed paint in a value string - they go vertically instead of across the top.

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  1. A great blog for tips, instructions ( love the visuals ), and wonderful paintings.
    It's become one of my favorites.