Sunday, January 4, 2009

TIP - Premixing values

If you were going to make a stir fry, you'd save a lot of time by prepping all your vegetables. It organizes your workspace and eliminates the possibility that you'll be chopping while something is burning.

Premixing a palette is like prepping vegetables. In this picture, there are two things to mix - statue and background. The background will be made more abstract, so I only will mix a light and a dark value, based on sampling a representative area. Then the paint is held up on the knife to check it. The knife need to be held under the same lighting conditions every time (arm length is a good starting point).

One way to pre-mix is to put together a whole string from 0-10 (or 11). I like to sample the actual object and get actual values of the planes - darkest dark, dark, light dark, reflected light, middle light, light, highlight - whatever seems appropriate - usually 5 or 7 values. In this example I did 4 because I left out the highlights for now so I would force myself to do them last.

Check out that color harmony! Looks nice before I've even done anything. Warm darks, cool lights - check! Bronzey colors - check! Same amount of medium everywhere - check!

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