Thursday, January 8, 2009

TIP - Dorm Room Studio

Having almost finished a class with IMSA students this week on painting from life, I thought a list of materials to set up a studio in any corner of your dorm room might be handy. This list is also optimized for roomate-friendliness. Prices are approximate.

  1. Desk easel (about $10) or pochade box (about $150)
  2. Ott lite (about $50), At the very least, a "daylight" bulb for your desk lamp (about $4)
  3. Small tubes of these oil paints: Flake white, cadmium yellow hue, yellow ochre, cadmium red hue, alizarin crimson, ultramarine blue, ivory black
  4. Cheap bundle of bristle brushes in mixed sizes ($9)
  5. Cheap bundle of synthestic brushes in mixed sizes ($9)
  6. 6" glass jar with a lid. Small tin of Turpenoid natural to clean brushes. ($8)
  7. Walnut alkyd medium. ($13) Sort of optional.
  8. Packs of pre-stretched, pre-primed canvas in sizes like 8 x 10" and 9 x 12" (about $5 each, sometimes less if you get them on sale)
  9. Roll of paper towel
  10. Roll of wax paper ($1) or paper palette ($5) for a disposable palette
  11. Painting knife (diamond shape is best) for mixing ($6)

Do you have a studio in your dorm room? Send me a picture!

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