Wednesday, January 14, 2009

TIP: 10 Ways to Save Money in the Studio

10. Premix your palette. You'll squeeze out (and therefore waste) less paint if you know exactly how much you need for the thing that you're painting.
9. Use panels. Masonite panels prepped with real gesso are very economical, lightweight in small sizes, and easy to stack. Plus, the paintings are more stable and less likely to crack over time due to the movement of canvas or linen.
8. Restore your brushes. Don't throw them away - soak brushes with dried paint up to the ferrule in Turpenoid natural overnight, then wash with dish soap and warm water. Cleans palettes too!
7. Save your photo resources. Every time you buy a flower arrangement, take about 100 photos of different compositions for use later.
6. Dress warm. Turn down the heat!
5. Share space. If you have an outside studio, see if you can sublet the same space and share the rent.
4. Cull your collection. We all have books we don't need and paint tubes that we overspent on (and now never use). Open up a account or eBay... or Craigslist and streamline to what you really need and use.
3. Smash it with a hammer. Use a piece of wood and a mallet (or your heel) and get out every last 1/4 inch of paint! Save the extras in plastic wrap if you over-squeezed.
2. Freeze your palette. Or reuse your mixed paints for another painting on the same day. Saving time saves money!

And the best money saver EVER.......

1.... MAKE BETTER PAINTINGS! Better paintings sell, and better painting waste less resources by not ending up in landfills. Try harder!

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