Thursday, January 15, 2009

PRODUCT: Paper Palette

Do you hate cleaning up like I hate cleaning up? Brushes are one thing - they can sit in a tub of Turpenoid Natural indefintely, but palettes are something else.

I've never had a traditional palette - the wood kidney-shaped kind that mellows with age, and is perched jauntily on the left thumb and hip so I can swoop artfully through the house with a tray of pigments. In fact, if I had to hold my palette all the time, my curtains would be covered in a stripe of paint at hip level. I'm just not that coordinated.

Since this blog is all about telling you the TRUTH of real painters and real painting methods, without the fluff and artifice and general snobbish BS - I will tell you another truth. I sit when I paint. *Gasp* AND.... I use paper palettes.

I know, I know. For a while I had a sheet of 3/8" clear acrylic under which I put a piece of medium grey paper, but that almost always resulted in cleaning chores so I had to give it up.

Now I use paper palettes. I use the 9 x 12" kind which fits in my freezer if I need to freeze a palette. They also come in 12 x 16" sheets. Some even have thumbholes if you can't give up the swooping! And now..... Richeson came up with a tinted grey palette paper.

For the best prices - because you know I'm all about the best prices in addition to ease, speed, and availability - Michaels frequently has Canson for $1.00 for a pad. Why it's so expensive at Blick, I don't know.

OKAY - drumroll please - for the "cheap artist tip of the day" - even cheaper than palette paper.... Is wax paper! Freezer paper works well too, but wax paper is $1/roll at Walgreens. I fold it in half to double it up, and tape down the corners. It stands up to metal knife-mixing, and keeps the top of my tabouret clean, and folds up for cleaning in a heartbeat. I also use it in the microwave.

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