Thursday, January 15, 2009


NEVER, EVER use Turpenoid Natural in a mixture for mediums. It says on the bottle or can that it can be used as a medium, but this is a lie.

Turpenoid Natural is great for cleaning, and smells kind of good, and can even be used as a degreaser in your kitchen. But it dries sticky and must be washed off with another soapy substance, and that stickiness makes it inappropriate for use in painting.

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  1. Great tip - wish I'd read that before i did it last year, what a disgusting mess!

  2. Hi Lisa...

    Yes... Weber should remove the info about using this as a medium. A great brush cleaner but if mixed with paint, it may not dry this year!

    My comment is more of a 'beware' warning. Maybe some of you have experienced this, or are just more aware than me! The latter makes sense...

    I use Krylon 'Kamar' as a final varnish for many of my oils. I also occasionally use Krylon 'Workable Fixative' for drawings.

    If you haven't noticed the labels on all Krylon 'art' type sprays like these two and 'Crystal Clear', etc., look EXACTLY ALIKE except for the actual type that says what it is. There is no label identity for the individual type of product. And even at that the type is all the same 'type' and color gray.

    Let me just say that removing spray fix from an oil painting ( which became a part of the oil painting when grabbing the supposed varnish can but instead the fixative can was what was used ), is almost impossible!!!

    So that's my contribution... look close before spraying!

    I love your blog.

  3. To add the reason for not noticing the difference in smell... I was being a 'good' sprayer and protecting my lungs so didn't smell the nasty smell of the fixative.