Tuesday, January 20, 2009

DEMO: Lisa Gloria Alla Prima

Time lapse, alla prima demo of a nude female bust by Lisa Gloria. The demo took approximately 4 hours and was painted right on the white canvas in oil paint.

Painting alla prima is like doing monkey rolls in gym. It's sort of a hilarious terror-filled experience in which you're trying to organize your muscle memory with your mental list of must-have's. Some things fall by the side - I promise myself to remember them next time. Some things happen by happy accident - I loved the way the hair snapped together under the knife painting portion and the crazy blue abstract background.

I'd like some feedback - would you like to see these slower? Voiceover explanations? Closeups on specific portions?

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  1. I'd like them to be a little slower and also to have voice over. It's a bit frustrating to watch something and not know "where" an artist is coming from/going to. thank you so much for asking. I really feel honored to leave my comment. I find these paintings so inspiring. I would also love to see the model posed in relation to the painting.

  2. I like watching you paint, and it turned out so well.