Tuesday, January 27, 2009

BLOGS WE READ: Food is Art

I have no idea what this guy is writing about, but the pictures make me want to paint food. http://tropicovegano.blogspot.com/ Edit: the English version is here: http://vegantropic.blogspot.com/

I cook every day - not a gourmet, but I'm hoping for "ahhh, grandma's cooking is the BEST" status one day. When I'm a grandma. I'm a sucker for still lifes about food, plates, tables, that sort of thing. Even (especially) those moody, side-lit-in-a-black-box paintings of onions or apples or whatever, always subtitled "The Most Meaningful Vegetable in the Universe."

I mean, come on, does a carrot need portrait-quality lighting and infinite depth in the background?

Well, sure it does. Food is love. Art is love.

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