Monday, January 19, 2009

BLOGS WE READ: Carol Marine

Update March 13, 2011 - Carol Marine is coming to Aurora IL!  She just added a new 5-day workshop to her incredibly busy and sold-out workshop list.  Come on out!

Carol Marine is just one of those painters whose work you can spot from across the room. She always seems to have fresh ideas and yet, her work is consistent in its style and execution.

After receiving her emails for a couple of years now, I’m constantly delighted by her cleverness with composition. Using only a few objects at a time and a very bright palette, Carol shifts the objects and lighting in seemingly endless ways. Each composition comes with an anthropomorphized title too, as though her subjects are personalities she’s so well acquainted with, they’re like friends.

The colors are completely delicious – teals against orange, against ruby reds. She uses stripes and polka dots on her props, then reinforces the patterns with strong brush work. She must have the hands of a surgeon: the planes of each object are precisely described by a single stroke, exact in its hue and value. This is an extremely studied painter.

Some of the daily painter people seem to have fallen into a habit of running full speed to make a single painting every day. Some of these small paintings are exquisite gems, but a lot of them seem unnecessarily abbreviated in content. The daily painting world sees a lot of turnover because it’s mentally exhausting to arrive at new compositions, and because spending most of each day making a small, often less significant work becomes a sort of tyranny. Carol gracefully sidestepped these difficulties through her clever compositions and direct style, and by spending a limited time on paintings that frequently inform her larger works. It’s a brilliant solution to the daily painting problem.

As you might expect, Carol Marine’s teaching schedule fills up fast, and her classes are currently filled until May. Check her blog out at She sells her smaller daily paintings through her blog and through eBay, and her larger works are represented by 6 galleries (yes, 6):, Just Looking Gallery , Galeria Gardner, Riverbend Fine Art , West End Gallery, and the Corse Gallery and Atelier

All photos courtesy of the artist, copyright Carol Marine, all rights reserved.
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  1. Thanks for showcasing Carol Marine's great work. She is a treasure. See those red daisies in the jar, with neutral background? How she's handled the light, the water, the glass? Her eye for reflected light is keen, and when she captures those nuances, which she does regularly with such vision, the paintings crackle with energy. Seeing into the shadows and translating what's there into pigment and shape is an artist's magic, and Carol has mastered this special vision.

  2. Thanks for the info on Carol Marine's work (it is inspiring) and the info in your blog too. I will be back because you have info I can use with excellent examples.

  3. Well said! Carol's work is inspiring and a total joy to follow. Here's to one amazing painter!!!

  4. I agree. I took one of Carol's workshops, was so inspired that I now have a blog.
    Pam Holnback